Curso tecnico por sesiones Odoo

02/23/2015 09:00 to 03/25/2015 13:00


Modules to install

  • 02/23/2015 14:00
  • Online

During this first sessions we will Introduce the dinamic of course.  Show the agenda Explain about all modules/apps developed by OdooMRP ...

Basic Manufacturing Concepts

  • 02/25/2015 14:00
  • Online

Manufacturing basic concepts On this session we will try to explain manufacturing master data and its configuration in Odoo including Operations master Machines / workcenters Routing Bom Operators    ...

Machines and workcenters

  • 03/02/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn How to: Fill machines form and data Create machines automatically form purchases Create assets automatically form machines purchases Link manufacturing workcenters with machines. Use workcenters in manufacturing routes Configure workcenter costs ...

Boms / Bom versions

  • 03/04/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn everything about BOMs (Bill of materials). How to: Configure a simple bom Manage bom versions Configure dinamic boms Use product packs / phantom boms in sales Use phantom components on boms ...

BoM component massive change

  • 03/09/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn how to: Change massively a material from all boms where it appairs as component Reverse the proccess ...

Routing configuration

  • 03/11/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn about how to: Configure operation master Configure a routing Configure workcenters in a routing Link workcenters with routing operations ...

Questions and answers

  • 03/16/2015 14:00
  • Online

* Introducción a la contabilidad financiera con OpenERP.  * Empresas/Productos y su información contable.  * Facturas de cliente y de proveedor  * Configuración de la contabilidad financiera.  ** Ejercicios y periodos.  ** Diarios.  ** Plazos, tipos y modos de pago.  ** Plantillas contables.  ** Planes y cuentas contables.  ** Impuestos.  * Asientos y movimientos.  ** Asientos por línea.  ** Asientos por apunte. ...

Modules to install

  • 03/18/2015 14:00
  • Online

How to install Modules/apps related to product configurator and variants in sales, purchases and manufacturing Learn how to install / configure modules related to product configurator ...

Variant configuration, product configurator in sales and manufacturing

  • 03/23/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn How to: Configure product attributes / values Use product sales configurator Use product manufacturing configurator Use product purchases configurator Manage inheritance on products Manage product templates and automatic creation of product variants   ...

BOM types

  • 03/25/2015 14:00
  • Online

Learn how to configure: Simple boms (specific product containing specific components) Template boms containing template products Phantom boms and components ...

13 online sessions with a teacher

Full Odoo training: 13 sessions of 4h each. Online/remote mode.

This innovative formula avoids travel expenses and loss of time. You can participate as if you were in a classroom.

Target:  Final users and IT profesionals wanting to learn about manufacturing and process improvement in Odoo.  .

From  5th october 2015

Timeslot: 14:30-18:30 

(CEST, UTC+2 until 25-oct and CET, UTC+1 after this)


More information: 

Phone +34 943 02 69 02 (Avanzosc) (Avanzosc) (Xpansa) 

Objetives: Learn how to use Odoo and Odoo MRP for manufacturing

Previous knowledge: Not necesary.